I'm Birk, or Mathias, depending on formalyty.

On this site, you con find various things i thoght my be intresting to share!

On the blog i will post small post about, really any thing i find intresting at the moment.

The portfolio and CV will display the cool things im doing at the moment, or have done in the past.

A little more about me

Everything in my life seem to circle around tree main passions, Technology, nature and people.
So far in my proffitional life, the people have held the main spotligt.

First combined with technology, where I was a certified event coordinator, ran a small department hosting a multitude of events centred around teaching game development.
Then combined with nature, where I was a professional ski instructor at Sun Peaks, Canada BC, both thought skiing and hosted and executes weekly events on the mountain.
Now my focus has shifted to technology, where I'm currently enrolled as a software engineering student at Aarhus University


If you know how to get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!

Behind the website

This website is a single HTML file and ripped directly from John Doe's website. (be gentle, they said it was ok). This is my first real step into website and webdevolopment. So as of now, most credit goes to people who wrote and distributed john-doe's website

My first website!

This post makes the first iteration of my first website! Really existing stuff.
Not that the technology I have used is very interesting, as the front page stated.
The website is a single HTML file, with a little CSS, that I did not write.
But I'm exited that I now have a place to share things I create and achieved! The road stated with an Udemy Course, were completed the HTML part. Then half a year later, a random hacker news post I sadly can't find the hacker news post any more… Finally, paved the way for getting content on my domain, that has been sitting idle since probably 2017! screenshot of the under construction website previously hosted on mbirk.dk Again, thanks to John Doe's website for providing the framework for this site.

Solar Sailors

I attended a high school called Game College that teaches Game Developing on top of the normal technical high school curriculum, though multiple projects each year.
Our graduation project was the game Solar Sailors, my primary responsibility was aligning the team with the process, and making sure we meet our requirements and deadlines.
The Project spanned 3 mounts, and the Team consists of 6 programmers, 3 artists and me as the primary producer.
The goal was to create a fun and engaging game where the players had to work together to win.
Click the image and watch our MVP in action!
Portfolios of others from the project:
Daniel Hansen Sebastian Hyberts

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Working experience

2021 - Now: Student Staff at ORBITLab

Combining my past in events, with my tech future at the tech hub ORBITLab
Responsibilities ranging from trash-duty to teaching, promoting, hosting and supporting events, public speaking and much more.

2020 - 2021: Farm assistant, Hedenmink

Summer 2020: Golf course Marshall, Sun Peaks resort

spring 2020: Prep contactor, Lyons Landscaping

2019 - 2020: Ski instructor, Sun Peaks resort

Fall 2019: factory floor worker, Tenax Sild

2017 - 2019: Event Coordinator, Innovation department Viden Djurs

Responsible for developing and execution of a content marketing strategy rooted in events, as well as day to day operational tasks.

Raised on farm - Hard work paves the way

Born and raised by hard-working parents that involved us at an early age.


2021 - now: SWT student at Aarhus University

I'm currently enrolled as a Software technology engineer student at the department of electronic and computer science at Aarhus University.
The goal of this education is to shape well round engineering that knows the in and outs of software,
on everything from micro-processers and embedded systems to web applications and distributed systems

2019 - 2020: Level 2 CASI Ski instructor and ASI level 1

In the ski season 2019-2020, I trained as a ski instructor and achieved level 2 in the Canadian ski instructor alliance,
As well as further training in mountain safety with a 20 day back-country navigation course Resulting in the first level of the avalanche Canada safety course.

2018 - 2019 : Vocational Training as an event Coordinator

As a part of my work for Viden Djurs, I trained as an event coordinator at IBC Kolding.
I completed the two-year program in one yea

2013 - 2016: technical high school

I attended High school at Game College, Viden Djurs. Game College is a boarding school, that on top of the technical high school curriculum teaches game development. In various teams, I was involved in finishing 5 one and a half to three mounts long projects.
I would mostly work as a project coordinator and backup artist.

Involvement and volunteering

Aarhus University - representative for my year

Since my first semester at AU, I have been the representative for my year on the education Committee.
The education committee is responsible for ensuring that the education is as good as possible. Here i provided direct feedback from the student perspective as well as providing fresh ideas on how to better our education

Sun Peaks resort: Guide, host and leader for starlight descent and fondue

I volunteered as a guide and host for the starlight descent and fondue at Sun Peaks resort and was later promoted to paid staff and coordinator and presented the event to the guest.

Game College, Viden Djurs

As a student, I cared deeply about my school. This caused me to involved with many aspects of the school

Tutor and coordinator of tutors
From my first Semester, I volunteered as a tutor, guiding primary school students visiting our school.
From 3. Semester I was the primary student coordinator, responsible for requirements of tutors, shifts and activities.

Volunteer for marketing
From my second semester, I attended a between 1 and 4 of education exhibitions per semester as a part of the marketing team
This eventually lead to my job as an event coordinator after I graduated

Student Board
I was my class representative on the student board

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